The Bicycle Thief, Wow


I can’t explain this whopping oversight. Somehow, I managed to not see The Bicycle Thief until the other night (and no, I’m not five years old, and even took film classes in college). Incredible.  Other than Salt of the Earth, it’s the best social commentary movie I can think of. It reminded me of Salt, with the realism, the shots of ordinary, unglamorous, real people faces. You’ve probably seen it—probably everybody but me has seen it before now—but if not, you’ve got to. It’s a package , of course—the story, the filming, the scenery, but the expressive faces of the father and son make the movie.

Have you seen it? (Of course you have, but if you haven’t, please do.) What’s your favorite movie with a social message? (I realize that’s a limiting term, but hey, you know what I mean.)





Next time . . . a bit about Salt of the Earth, an incredible, beautiful movie from 1956.


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3 responses to “The Bicycle Thief, Wow

  1. hey, I would have more than one blog, for the different parts of myself (maybe that would be better), but I’m not sure I could handle it (at my level of computer literacy).

    I really like that you are commenting on OLD movies. I’ll check out the Bicycle Thief.

  2. Old movies are really my favorites. (They’re slower, for one thing—I don’t handle the fast pace of today’s movies very well.)

    You are way busier than I am–I actually have time for two blogs at the moment.

  3. I love old movies and this is an especially wonderful one. And it also reminds me of Cinema Paradiso!

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