A Pearl

In a recent gartenfische post about art and the true self, I said that music has to feel real to be meaningful for me. Anyway, to further underscore the point, here is a glorious video e-mailed to me by a family member. The following commentary accompanied the link:

“A real gem!!! Absolutely amazing. For those of you who do not like the finer arts of operatic singing you must listen to the following – it will change your appreciation. And to think this recording could have been lost to us. . . .”

Okay, so my question for you is (this is a trick to make sure you watched—I mean listened): Does this touch you like it touches me? Does it give you goosebumps? Are we on the same page?


Filed under music, silliness

2 responses to “A Pearl

  1. I lasted twenty-two seconds! Goosebumps? Not exactly.

  2. Twenty-two seconds? Well, that was game of you!

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