I Checked Out


for the whole weekend and, as a consequence, failed to notice that I was a taggee. Good ‘ol YogaMum got me (back)! [and I don’t mean that she is old, I mean good-‘ol—because she’s younger than me!]

So . . .

What is your least favorite holiday task? (e.g. shopping, cooking, wrapping)

Shopping, especially for my husband—it’s so darn painful. Every year I try to talk him into not buying gifts for one another, and every year he nixes the idea. He loves to buy clothes for me. My daughter’s boyfriend is also painful to buy for. These men!

What was the worst gift you ever received?


1) The gifts my dad “gave” when I was a teenager that, he said, “belong to the house,”meaning they were “mine” until I moved out. A stereo, a t.v., an electronic keyboard (that he actually borrowed money from my bank account to buy—he did pay it back, but still). Gee thanks.

2) All the gifts (I don’t remember exactly what they were now, but they were numerous and they were lovely) that a boyfriend gave me one Christmas when I knew I was about to break up with him (maybe he knew, too, eh?) That made it even harder to do the deed.

Who is the hardest person in your family to shop for?

My husband. He buys what he really wants which is mostly computer stuff. Sweaters and scarves are getting old . . .

What holiday tradition would you eliminate if you could?

Hmmm, can’t think of one . . .

What do you swear, every holiday season, that you’ll never do again, only to find yourself doing it again the next year?

Wait till the last minute to send packages, thereby standing in line in the post office line for an hour to do it (which I did today, thank you).

What relative do you dread seeing at the holidays? Or, when you were a child, what relative did you dread seeing?

The only relative that I don’t want to see would not come to see me, either, so I don’t have to worry about that. There are a couple of people I don’t see most years, anyway, that are at the level of mini-dread (mosquito bites). The family I see at Christmas time, I love to see!

Taggees, if you’re up for it, are: Jan,  KirstenFran (when you return from CA—get to work!)

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One response to “I Checked Out

  1. “Gifts for the house” is lame! I guess some people have a hard time with gift-giving, but sheesh!

    I’m glad you don’t have any dreadful relatives.

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