Gaze Into These Deep Pools


Are these not the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen?


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9 responses to “Gaze Into These Deep Pools

  1. Simply gorgeous. That is love!

  2. They are georgeous, and so is Isabel. If you want to see some eyes of my dogs, please visit my blog.

  3. What a sweetheart! Oh man, how can you not cuddle her every single moment?

  4. You’re all so sweet! Isn’t she ADORABLE?!

    Charlotte, I tell you it’s very hard to be stern with her. Can you imagine? Look at that face! (And she knows it.) She jumps up on me and I have to discipline her or she’ll be one of those obnoxious adult dogs that jump on people. It’s cute when she jumps up now, when she weighs less than 20 pounds, but I push her down. What I really want to do is pick her up and cuddle her. Somday she’ll be 50 pounds or more!

  5. of course, but I am prejudiced, you know. I happen to think that Scout is the most gorgeous dog ever. but of course the eyes are incredible!

  6. Oh, I love standard poodles! Such wonderful dogs.

  7. Gorgeous! I’m partial to black dogs and have 2 myself (a lab/golden mix & a lab/border collie mix)

  8. scoutdog

    just came back by to get another look!

  9. Aw, thanks everyone. She’s such a beautiful love. (And Diane, of course, you should think that about Scout!)

    Kirsten, this is my first Standard. I am completely smitten (in case you didn’t notice). She is the smartest dog I’ve ever had.

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