Concerning My Gift And A Mysterious Happening

I decided to take a picture of the beautiful box my daughter decorated and gave me for Christmas (the photo doesn’t do it justice, unfortunately—it is gorgeous, with several types of wood and copper edging, and, as you can see, a picture of the two of us). I wanted to share my gift with y’all.

So I had the camera set and was peering through the viewfinder, just starting to press down my finger to shoot, when suddenly, the box was bumped off kilter by a party or parties unknown.

This is the evidence:


Quickly, I spun around and popped off another shot as the perp made a getaway. (There are two clues in the photo below—I spy a green and white disc on the floor behind the desk.)


What d’ya think? Who dunnit?

A Sherlock Holmes Certificate to the gumshoe with the zippiest (correct) answer.


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7 responses to “Concerning My Gift And A Mysterious Happening

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  2. Haha. I know it! I see the black curly shadow …

  3. Lead me to the guilty party . . . a name, or else a species, please. . . .

  4. I recuse myself from the competition, but I just wanted to say WOW, what a gorgeous box (and gorgeous photo of the two of you!).

  5. Ah, thank you, YM. It really IS gorgeous. I wish I could show you in person. 😉

    Okay, you’re recused.

    If none of you steps up here and points a finger, I’m going to have to go a sleuthin’ myself and then reward myself with the certificate. How lame would that be?

  6. It’s amazing how much trouble an innocent dog can get into isn’t it! One of my dogs has a tail like a wrecking ball…

  7. Izzy done it! I cheated, I read your latest blog.

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