Izzy To Go Free!

It turns out that Isabel, the canine arrested in the notorious Gift Box Bump, is soon to be released on a technicality.

Here is a photo taken just after her lawyer gave her the news.


In an exclusive interview, she pointed a paw at Buddy, her canine companion. Apparently, in recent weeks the two have experienced a falling out (not related to shedding).

Here they are, caught by a security camera in the aftermath of a beef heist last month:

Isabel is known to be ruthless with her victims, as evidenced by this recent photo (Mr. Lizard is still in a coma):


The technicality that allows Isabel to walk? Age. She is reportedly only sixteen weeks old. The D.A. pushed hard to try her as an adult, but the judge disagreed, saying, “Sixteen weeks? An adult? You have got to be kidding me.”


Judge Maya is known to be tough as nails so her decision has led to speculation. Is bribery involved?


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7 responses to “Izzy To Go Free!

  1. You have to keep your eye on those dogs. Who knows what they will do next.

  2. Hee! This has been a fun series of posts.

    And really, what judge wouldn’t have been lenient where Isabel is concerned? She’s adorable!

  3. Does this mean that I can cancel today’s scheduled “Free Izzy” rally?

  4. Ja, you better cancel that rally. Word is she’s already back home planning her next escapade.

  5. hehehe. I was just about to organized a “free Isabel” rally! hope everyone is happy she is free.

  6. scoutdog

    Isabel! come and play with Meeee!

  7. Scout, I’d love to come play, but my mom won’t let me travel so far yet. She says I’m a baby. 😦

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