Gil Scott-Heron: Cooooool


Listen to this:

Okay, I admit it—I grew up isolated from reality; in my whitebread SoCal suburb, the outside world may as well have been the moon. Not surprisingly, then, musician and poet Gil Scott-Heron didn’t find his way onto my record player. I hadn’t even heard of him until recently. Makes me wonder: What else have I missed?

Obviously a precursor to rap, which I’ve never gotten into, but this—this—is awesome:


What was I hearkening to in high school? Whitebread teenage music of the day: Led Zeppelin, Boston, Heart, Queen (we don’t want no education . . . hmmm, that’s good cuz we didn’t get one [oops, that was Pink Floyd]). Oh, and I went through a serious Beatles obsession when I was 17/18. Black artists? Not in my whitey-white world. Stevie Wonder was the one exception, but I didn’t get into his music until later.

I’m gonna have to buy me some Scott-Heron, get me some soul, man. And yeah, I get it that he was protesting exactly the world I grew up in—what can I say? We can’t help where we come from, only where we’re going.

And speaking of the seventies and insular white folk, I wonder how many conservative whites, other than my dad, loved Archie Bunker and All in the Family, not getting that it was a farce? That it was making fun of them? Or did they not care, reveling in the audacity of a fellow bigot?

If you have time, watch this, and stick with it, cuz the end is priceless:

And reading some of the comments at this video, it’s clear that some people still don’t get that AITF was a farce.


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6 responses to “Gil Scott-Heron: Cooooool

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  2. I LOVE gil scott-heron! I haven’t heard his name for over 20 years…..

    it is funny how I grew up in an all white archie bunker neighborhood on the south side of chicago in the ’60s, but somehow the blues, soul music, and R&B were the songs I listened to….I mean, I was into the rock n roll of the hippie era, but my friends and I used to go to the black ‘hoods to hear the street blues musicians….must be a past life thang I guess!

  3. Not a surprise that you’ve heard of him, Linda! I somehow thought you would’ve. . . .

  4. G, next time you’re at Ramblings of an AHC, you can listen to some blues. I installed a radio widget programed for blues music….although I must say that sometimes I question what they call blues music!

  5. Linda, I’ll take a look (er, I mean listen) to that.

  6. wyrdbyrd….check out my soul video that your post inspired….;)

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