Tibetan Monks Attacked In Nepal


From VOA:

Police in Nepal armed with batons dispersed a protest Tuesday by Tibetan refugees and monks in front of the Chinese Embassy.

About 100 protesters in Kathmandu were loaded into trucks and vans and sent to detention centers.

There have been almost daily demonstrations in Nepal against China since March 10, when protests began in Tibet’s capital, Lhasa. At least 400 protesters were detained in Nepal Monday.

The U.N. human rights office in Nepal has said it is deeply concerned at the arbitrary arrests and detentions.

Nepal’s border with China in the Himalayas is a key route for Tibetans fleeing Chinese rule in the region.

Photo:  “Police officers drag away a Tibetan monk while he attempts to nurse an injured fellow monk in Kathmandu, 25 Mar 2008”
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For steps you can take to help, please see Linda’s post,  Tibet: less talk, more action


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3 responses to “Tibetan Monks Attacked In Nepal

  1. Jan

    So, so sad. Thanks for the link, too.

  2. wyrdbyrd, today I posted about Global Action Day for Tibet on March 31…watch the extraordinary video and there is also a petition, if you could help spread the word!


  3. Linda, Yes! Will help spread the word. Another post coming tomorrow. . . .

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