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A Tibetan woman cries inside a police van in frustration after their peace rally being held along with Amnesty International was dispersed by policemen in Katmandu, Nepal, Monday March 24, 2008. Eleven members of Amnesty International along with their country head were also detained. (AP Photo/ Saurabh Das)

KATMANDU, Nepal—Police in Nepal’s capital arrested about 475 Tibetan refugees, monks and their supporters Monday as they gathered to protest a crackdown on Tibetans in neighboring China, the U.N. said.

Chanting “China, stop killings in Tibet. U.N., we want justice,” protesters were marching toward the U.N. offices in Katmandu when police stopped them about 300 feet away, beat them with bamboo sticks and snatched their banners. The protesters demanded the U.N. investigate the recent crackdown in Tibet by Chinese authorities.

Scores more who demonstrated in another part of the capital were also arrested, the U.N. human rights office in Nepal said in a statement.*

It has been reported that the British intelligence agency, GCHQ, has determined that “agents of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the PLA, posing as monks, triggered the riots that have left hundreds of Tibetans dead or injured.”**

Certainly this government is capable of subterfuge to cast doubt on the Tibetans’ cause—especially as the Olympic Games near and they fear the effects of world-sympathy and a possible boycott.

The Washington Post says that pro-Tibet groups like the Tibet Support Network, Students for a Free Tibet and Human Rights China have been the victims of concerted cyber attacks. A spokeswoman from the Tibet Support Network said: “They’re really trying to disrupt the Tibetan movement, and whoever is perpetrating this is doing it on full-time basis.”

I cannot comprehend how difficult it must be to patiently and peacefully try to make your voice heard, waiting for justice, when your people have been persecuted for a long, long time and you see no light ahead, but I believe it is true that those in the moral right should do all they can to keep from stooping to their oppressors’ level.

I hope that the few young Tibetans who have participated in violence against the Chinese during these protests will return to the teachings of their spiritual father, the Dalai Lama. They will garner more world support with peaceful protests than with violent fighting. There is no way they will, with their tiny numbers, defeat their foes militarily and any instances of Tibetan violence will be used as fodder for the Chinese position that the Tibetans are the aggressors. I hope they will not play into their hands; they need the world sympathy and outcry that can force the Chinese into line. I am reminded of the Civil Rights Movement in this country, when, out of frustration and anger, some began to promote violence rather than follow MLK Jr.’s non-violent lead.

Please sign the petition at this site and support the Tibetan people and their right to freedom.

March 31 is the Global Day of Action for Tibet.



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*From here

**From here

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H/t to Linda, and thanks to her for her unwavering support of the Tibetan people

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For video and still coverage of the protests, please see wikileaks

“In the last week Wikileaks has released over 150 censored photos and videos of the Tibet uprising and has called on bloggers around the world to help drive the footage through the Chinese internet censorship regime — the so called “Great Firewall of China.”

The transparency group’s move comes as a response to the the Chinese Public Security Bureau’s carte-blanche censorship of youtube, the BBC, CNN, the Guardian and other sites carrying video footage of the Tibetan people’s recent heroic stand against the inhumane Chinese occupation of Tibet.”


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  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

    Tim Ramsey

  2. thank YOU for also writing about Tibet!

  3. today I posted about boycotting the Olympic sponsors and posted their contact info….


  4. Tim, Thanks. Your comment went to the spam folder and I didn’t catch it at first. I’m glad you enjoy the blog.

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