It’s Earth Day And I’m Tired Of

people sending me e-mails with an article by a supposedly reputable scientist saying that global warming simply isn’t happening, or if it is, it’s not being caused by us and therefore, we should carry on with business as usual. It would be nice if global warming were simply a controversial theory. Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely. I wonder who employs these scientists? Oil and gas companies? Conservative think tanks? There is a huge consensus of climate scientists on the reality of human-induced global warming and we need to take it very seriously.

The writers of these e-mails think it’s cute to use the term “inconvenient truth,” as in it’s an inconvenient truth that global warming isn’t real. Ha ha. We won’t be laughing in a few years if we don’t start doing something concrete about the damage we’re causing. In whose interest is it to dally about while the situation gets worse and worse? Big business, I suppose, but in the long run, it hurts everybody.

Talk of the Nation’s program today was about climate change. One disturbing fact is that the American Southwest may be in for a permanent drought. (Umm—hello, Las Vegas—this is a wake-up call.)

NPR and National Geographic have been publishing a program on climate change for the past year. See here for excellent coverage.

And I think anyone who’s going to bandy about “inconvenient truth” ought to at least see the movie. The evidence is overwhelming. Last summer, we heard a talk by a government scientist; he said that the facts in Al Gore’s movie are not exaggerated. He agreed with it, saying the science was solid. And no, this guy was not, judging by some of his other comments, a liberal. He was a climate scientist, period.

Okay, and while I’m on the topic, another e-mail I recently received that annoyed the heck out of me started out something like this: Isn’t it about time we inconvenienced (that word again!) a few caribou and started drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? Excuse me?! Inconvenience a few caribou?! How about inconveniencing a few humans? How about if we started to change our gas-guzzling ways? How about if we took seriously the fact that we desperately need alternative forms of energy? How about not severely damaging a beautiful wild refuge because we are too lazy or greedy (or what?) to change our ways?

Sheesh. End of whine.  Here’s the ANWR.  Imagine:  oil rigs.



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8 responses to “It’s Earth Day And I’m Tired Of

  1. Today I got an email about how some scientists are going to create mini-black holes in an accelerator thingie, and it could destroy the whole earth!! In an instant!!!

    My physicist friend assured me that it is not possible, and therefore I am going to go back to worrying about the real stuff, like climate change.

  2. Heh, yeah, I get those emails too, and am constantly amazed at how some of my smartest friends are also the ones who don’t stop and think about the various bits of crap they forward.

  3. YM, I heard about that on NPR. Scary. But yeah, let’s focus on real world stuff that we can, and must, do something about.

    Kirsten, Yeah, me too. Why send around something that is so clearly politically motivated and so clearly wrong? Just because somebody says it (even an apparently smart somebody) doesn’t mean it’s true! We can always find somebody to be for or against something—we have to look at the facts. At this point, the facts are pretty clear on climate change.

    And the ANWR! Some people want to destroy this for what? So we can put off making the changes we’re going to have to make anyway?

    Humph. You can see these things rankle.

  4. I get those emails, too, and I laugh at them for their silliness. The worst thing, though, is that some people believe this cr*p. Whatever. I trust in the common sense of the majority …

  5. Jan

    My husband, who is a retired chemist, doesn’t believe in global warming. (I do) He’s a staunch Republican, while I’m a Democrat/Independent. I am amazed that such an intelligent man can be entrapped in such conservative ideas, which he considers to be facts.

  6. Jan, It bothers me how the Republican party has become aligned with anti-environmentalism. How can this be? My dad, who used to give money to Greenpeace for heaven’s sake (and yes, he was a Republican then), is the one who sent me the inconvenience a few caribou mail. Unbelievable.

  7. Drill'em

    Man that ANWR would look good with some oil rigs on it! I need one just for my SUV – – all mine.

  8. Ha ha you’re a joker.