Was I Crazy

to let Isabel ride in the backseat with me on the loooong drive home?

Aw, but don’t she look happy. . . ?

She didn’t like sitting back there in doggy prison. I am such a sucker for sweet puppy eyes.

Unfortunately, she got so matted on this trip that the groomer wants to shave her! Poor girl. Hubby says no, he’ll de-matt her. What fun. She’s a happy girl, matted or not.

Here you get a bit of an idea of why the groomer is less than pleased with us. Our ragamuffin:



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11 responses to “Was I Crazy

  1. Awww. Sweet little puppygirl. Hope her shave won’t make her feel too nekkid.

  2. Ovidia

    I’ve had hair days like that too–or rather far worse than Isabel–maybe next time I’ll shave… and yes, she looks sooooo happy.

  3. Well, Charlotte, so far she ain’t gettin’ shaved, but we’ll see about that. I think the dematting is going to be a nightmare. All that rolling around in the dirt really did a job on her!

    Ovidia, oh no, don’t shave! I like you with hair. 🙂

  4. Dark Orpheus

    But she looks just fine. It’s called “character’!

    It kind of looks like a doggie mullet.:)

  5. I love that beautiful girl.

    Actually I love both of you beautiful girls!!

  6. There’s always dreadlocks…. 😉

  7. Kirsten, good point. My husband has a poodle book that has pictures of poodles with dreadlocks in it. They look scary!

  8. J

    Yes, yes you were crazy.

  9. Hmmm, I wonder who this J is who thinks I’m crazy? Interesting that the name starts with the same initial as someone very near and dear to me. And interesting that this J posts in the middle of the night when sane people are sleeping. Hmmm. Methinks J is a vampire.

    (And anyway, who took the picture of us in the backseat? Who takes pictures inside of a car, for goodness sake?)

  10. Standard Poodles seem so rare these days that it is great to see one so loved! I love your blog, byrd, and you. You are amazing in your insight and clarity, your wit and your own brand of wisdom. Thank you for all you write and share.

    To Isabel: good doggie!


  11. Catherine, Thank you for your very kind (as always) comment. Isabel says Woof!

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