Get To Work, Boys!

After my loooong post the other day, I am presenting you with a shorter post on the same topic, addressing another of the supporting arguments in that ridiculous indictment of feminism that I lambasted because I was feeling fed up with the state of the sexist world that day.

The argument:  Because men simply won’t do housework, women have to work hard not only outside of the home, but inside, too; therefore, women should not work outside the home. (In my last post, I shared another example of this guy’s stunning logic.)

To be fair, here are some of his actual words:

The feminist promise that everything in their marriage will be 50-50 — each partner will do half the outside work, half the housework, and half the child rearing — has rarely panned out.

Most men will work their tails off outside the home, but won’t inside the home.

Consequently, many working women either experience increased tension with their husband or increased pressure to succeed both outside the home and inside the home as mother, homemaker, and wife.

Those dastardly feminists, expecting that men would help with housework. What a brilliant solution:  since men will not cook or clean, wives will simply have to quit their jobs and stay at home full time to do these things.

Hey, I want a wife! (Oh, haven’t I read that before?)

But there really is a logical solution to this problem. Raise boys who understand that it is their job to a) cook b) do dishes c) do laundry d) change diapers and e) etc., including all other household duties. Raise daughters who are aware enough to marry these kinds of sons and not the kinds raised by clueless parents who live by the ancient theory that drudgery is women’s work. When men can’t find slaves—er, I mean wives—they will be forced to change.

When I grew up, we girls helped with cooking, we did the dishes, cleaned floors, dusted and vacuumed. The boys took out trash and that kind of thing (I honestly can’t remember what else that kind of thing entailed—I suspect we were outworking them even then). One of my brothers now participates in all the household chores, while the other is of the persuasion that is is not his job to do housework (the funny thing is, his wife is of the persuasion that it is not her job either—this becomes distinctly not funny during family get-togethers when they both lounge about like the queen and king while the rest of us take care of the business of cooking and cleaning).

Okay, I promised this would be short and it’s becoming unshort.  Done.

Addendum:  Oh, and all you women who are married and working out of sheer necessity, if we follow Mr. Logic’s solution—sorry, you’re SOL.



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3 responses to “Get To Work, Boys!

  1. Heh. My brother’s wife would probably throw something large and heavy at him if he didn’t help around the house, and she’s a stay-at-home mom! When you’ve got a very active three-year-old and a nearly as active 15-month-old, it takes everyone present to keep things running smoothly. So much for division of labor.

  2. Ovidia

    one reason why national service for guys here might be a good thing… after they’ve had to do their own cooking/laundry/cleaning (post training) apparently they’re more prepared to be useful home husbands than the ones who get exempted…

  3. As the oldest of three boys, I was backup for mother when or if she couldn’t manage cooking, etc. That meant something as simple as darning socks was on the agenda…plus mowing the lawn, chopping wood, waxing floors…etc.
    People are surprised that two men who have gone through marriage breakups get along.
    Heh. He was oldest in his family and mother was unwell.
    I worked in janitorial for a while ( hey, I was president of a small company and a sales rep too ) and noticed young men just didn’t ‘see’ what needed to be done. After their level of consciousness was raised they tended to be stuck with the heavier jobs…whether they had a talent for more or not.

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