Wyrdbyrd: a bird who loves words

My politics are liberal. So is my religion. If you’re interested in the religious blog, please see Gartenfische.com. I’m a fledgling Christian. I meditate. I read. I practice Ashtanga yoga.

This is my alter-blog, a place to air writings that are a bit more secular. I say a bit and more, because I can no more become unreligious than I can become unfemale.

I live in the American West. In fact, my family has lived in the West for generations.

I am not an expert on anything, and I don’t pretend to be. I want to write about topics that interest me; maybe they’ll interest you.

I am opinionated. If you don’t like my opinions, fine, but respect is requested; this is not the place to argue.

Thank you for visiting wyrdbyrd!


One response to “Who?

  1. GF, am going to blogroll you on Ageless Hippie Chick…..

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